Why Christmas in Australia isn’t so glamorous

Christmas is the season of giving. We celebrate it by spending it with the ones we love, as we exchange presents by the christmas tree and sparkling lights. But what is christmas like for those living in Australia? Let me just tell you, everyone is just BURNING with christmas spirit. (See what I did there?)

Okay, Christmas in Australia isn’t ALL BAD. There are plenty of GOOD things about Christmas as an aussie too, and I’ll talk about them in a different post (maybe), but for now, here are the reasons why Christmas as an Aussie is pretty dreadful.

Turkey? Hot chocolate? It’s too hot for that.

Forget christmas traditions. Gimme some ice cream!! I’m sweating like a pig.

Seeing as the cold part of the world covers the majority of Earth, there aren’t many Christmas traditions suited for 40 degree weather. I mean, even santa claus is wearing a beanie and coat. (And don’t go mentioning aussie santa either, we all know that fully clothed santa is seen on tv 90% of the time).

Despite the heat, this Christmas my family have decided on having a barbeque (a typical aussie thing to do). Needless to say, I do not approve. With all the fires that are appearing on the news, a barbeque doesn’t seem like the right way to go (also, smoke will only make the heat even more unbearable). Thankfully desserts don’t require a flaming barbie or oven in order to be made. That’s something to look forward to.

Sweat stains and red faces

If you think it’s hard finding enough sweaters to cover your fluffy pants and long sleeved top, try finding something to wear without yearning to wear nothing at all. You can dress to protect yourself from the cold, but how will you protect yourself from the burning heat? Being prone to red faces, as you can imagine, christmas photos are always the absolute worst.

It’s so hot that the air conditioner isn’t even strong enough to help us!!

These past few days have been horrible. We’ve actually been forced to go out and buy another fan because our aircon doesn’t appear to be enough. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING IS WORSE THAN TRYING TO SLEEP IN THE 40 DEGREE WEATHER. It’s bad enough that all I’ve been doing is watching netflix with an icy pole in my hand, but to have to bear the heat whilst trying to actually get some shut eye? It’s probably the most terrible thing about this time of year. Don’t get me started about the cracked (and bleeding) lips…THANKS ALOT HEAT.

Come christmas day, everyone will be probably lying down on the sofa exhausted and too hot to move. If anyone needs me, I’ll be inside the freezer.

There are plenty others that I haven’t mentioned, but I don’t wanna bore ya’ll to death. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about the weather from where you are. Would you prefer heat to cold? Or cold to heat?

Merry Christmas everyone xx


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