Benefits of being in Australia at Christmas time

In my previous post I talked about all the reasons to hate being an aussie come Christmas time. You can read it here. This time however, I’ve decided to mention all the reasons it’s actually not too bad.

Having lived in Australia all my life, I’m pretty familiar with the christmases that come with it. So without further or do, here are the benefits of a summery christmas.

Pools and beaches

Thankfully, being in Australia, you’ll never get cold and reach to grab your coat as you head out the door. Can’t think of a good place to have christmas and don’t have enough room at your house? Then consider spending it at the beach. It’s not uncommon and you’ll find that a lot of people actually end up spending their Christmas there. After all who doesn’t love the beach?

Wear whatever!!

Okay, so maybe you can’t exactly slip into a comfy sweater (as you’d probably faint from the heat). However, at least you won’t be covering your favourite dress or snazzy christmas shirt.

You can wear short sleeves or short shorts. You don’t have to worry about finding thick leggings to wear underneath your skirt/dress, because you won’t need any. And no one will be crowding by the fireplace, or trying to walk with multiple layers on their body because it’ll be too hot for that.

Eating outside.

This one can be both good and bad. I personally quite like to eat outside. You have fresh air and are probably surrounded by family and friends. It makes Christmas, that much more Christmas-y. After all, summer is a great season when one takes advantage of it. I mentioned previously that the heat can be unbearable at most times, but this can be untrue too.

While there are days in which the temperature gets to 40 degrees, most of the time it’s around the 30s with cool air. Here’s to hoping that Christmas  will be like that too.


Believe it or not, this appears to be an aussie Christmas tradition. I know a lot of people believe that the ‘go to’ aussie sport is ‘cricket’ and although there might be people out there who this relates to, my family personally likes to do things a bit differently. Basketball and soccer in the backyard, volleyball at the beach and footy everywhere else. Sports just make everything way more fun (although some might disagree).


Yes, ‘roast’ and ‘chestnuts roasting by the fire’ might be the christmas traditions, but here in australia, we have some traditions of our own. Whether it’s sausages or steak being cooked at the barbie, Christmas is the season of going all out.

There ain’t no way you won’t have gained a few pounds by the end of the day. Food. The most important ingredient in a good christmas.

Happy holidays everyone!!


What do you like most about christmas? Is there a particular christmas tradition that you hold close to your heart?

Thanks xx


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