‘For darkness shows the stars’ book review


Last year I was required to read Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ for my literature class. Needless to say, it was fantastic. School books are generally the bane of my existence, so when I received my yr 11 book list, I was pleasantly surprised. Jane Austen’s writing is as always a pleasure to read.

For darkness shows the shadows was for me, a beautifully done re-telling of ‘Persuasion’.

Before I’d even read it, I’d come to the conclusion that this novel would no way be as near as well done as Jane Austen’s. Boy howdy was I WRONG. Diana Peterfreund did such an excellent job at bringing her story to life. Although admittedly, the writing DID differ from ‘Persuasion’, that’s not to say it wasn’t excellent in it’s own right.

I really enjoyed how Peterfreund brought something new to the table but still kept in line with the original story, and the  sci-fi, post apocalyptic spin made the read an easy one.

Elliot was a really, very well rounded character. Her maturity and sense of responsibility over the farm and the people working there won my respect. I wish Kai would’ve seen earlier her reasons for staying behind.

“I need to know-” she heard him growl under his breath. “I need to know your mind.”

That part shattered me.

Kai was such as sweet and protective character, who though I’ll admit at times he seemed a bit naive. His relationship with Elliot was at best, a whirlwind of emotions.

All in all this book was fantastic and I would give it a 5/5 stars.

(I suggest you all go read it if you haven’t already.)

(Hey There everyone- sorry I’ve been away for so long. I actually wrote this review at the beginning of the year, and just really never got around to posting it. If you’re wondering at all why I haven’t been active at all lately, it’s due to school and applying to universities, life.. the usual I suppose. Yay for year 12!! Anyway, I’ll be posting more frequently once I’m finished with exams in November. If you’ve stuck around this long, I’m so sorry. I am a horrible person. But now this horrible person must get back to her homework. Cya guys soon…hopefully!! xx)