Red riding hood

Yes. I have been gone for a long time. Don’t state the obvious. Gosh.

Here are a few recent illustrations I’ve done to compensate for my time gone (seeing as when I did post I’d only post 3 times a year anyway- 3 illustrations=1 year, therefore I’d be making up for my time gone, no?)…


I was planning on inserting speech bubbles, but thought I’d leave it up to the viewer’s imagination instead. You guys tell me; What is Red saying to the wolf?


Some Zenith fan art I drew for talented authors Lindsay Cummings and Sasha Alsberg.


And here’s one I’d done for a story I wrote which as usual, crashed and got deleted. (Also, if I might mention, recently I spilt water on my mac-book and so now ALL my writing is gone.)- the image is a lot more pixel-ish than the others due the fact that it was drawn on the iPad a while ago and I’ve recently acquired a drawing tablet to hook into my computer (thus the smooth lines in the more recent drawings).


More of my work can be found on my instagram @dimitratheperson, where I post more frequently (which stills pales in comparison to your ordinary Instagram user, but …).