And just like that, it was over


I’ve been looking forward to Christmas all year. Now that it’s gone, I have to wait another 365 more days. If you ask me, Christmas really should be longer. The cleaning up part though, I’m not too fond of.


Benefits of being in Australia at Christmas time

In my previous post I talked about all the reasons to hate being an aussie come Christmas time. You can read it here. This time however, I’ve decided to mention all the reasons it’s actually not too bad.

Having lived in Australia all my life, I’m pretty familiar with the christmases that come with it. So without further or do, here are the benefits of a summery christmas.

Pools and beaches

Thankfully, being in Australia, you’ll never get cold and reach to grab your coat as you head out the door. Can’t think of a good place to have christmas and don’t have enough room at your house? Then consider spending it at the beach. It’s not uncommon and you’ll find that a lot of people actually end up spending their Christmas there. After all who doesn’t love the beach?

Wear whatever!!

Okay, so maybe you can’t exactly slip into a comfy sweater (as you’d probably faint from the heat). However, at least you won’t be covering your favourite dress or snazzy christmas shirt.

You can wear short sleeves or short shorts. You don’t have to worry about finding thick leggings to wear underneath your skirt/dress, because you won’t need any. And no one will be crowding by the fireplace, or trying to walk with multiple layers on their body because it’ll be too hot for that.

Eating outside.

This one can be both good and bad. I personally quite like to eat outside. You have fresh air and are probably surrounded by family and friends. It makes Christmas, that much more Christmas-y. After all, summer is a great season when one takes advantage of it. I mentioned previously that the heat can be unbearable at most times, but this can be untrue too.

While there are days in which the temperature gets to 40 degrees, most of the time it’s around the 30s with cool air. Here’s to hoping that Christmas  will be like that too.


Believe it or not, this appears to be an aussie Christmas tradition. I know a lot of people believe that the ‘go to’ aussie sport is ‘cricket’ and although there might be people out there who this relates to, my family personally likes to do things a bit differently. Basketball and soccer in the backyard, volleyball at the beach and footy everywhere else. Sports just make everything way more fun (although some might disagree).


Yes, ‘roast’ and ‘chestnuts roasting by the fire’ might be the christmas traditions, but here in australia, we have some traditions of our own. Whether it’s sausages or steak being cooked at the barbie, Christmas is the season of going all out.

There ain’t no way you won’t have gained a few pounds by the end of the day. Food. The most important ingredient in a good christmas.

Happy holidays everyone!!


What do you like most about christmas? Is there a particular christmas tradition that you hold close to your heart?

Thanks xx

Why Christmas in Australia isn’t so glamorous

Christmas is the season of giving. We celebrate it by spending it with the ones we love, as we exchange presents by the christmas tree and sparkling lights. But what is christmas like for those living in Australia? Let me just tell you, everyone is just BURNING with christmas spirit. (See what I did there?)

Okay, Christmas in Australia isn’t ALL BAD. There are plenty of GOOD things about Christmas as an aussie too, and I’ll talk about them in a different post (maybe), but for now, here are the reasons why Christmas as an Aussie is pretty dreadful.

Turkey? Hot chocolate? It’s too hot for that.

Forget christmas traditions. Gimme some ice cream!! I’m sweating like a pig.

Seeing as the cold part of the world covers the majority of Earth, there aren’t many Christmas traditions suited for 40 degree weather. I mean, even santa claus is wearing a beanie and coat. (And don’t go mentioning aussie santa either, we all know that fully clothed santa is seen on tv 90% of the time).

Despite the heat, this Christmas my family have decided on having a barbeque (a typical aussie thing to do). Needless to say, I do not approve. With all the fires that are appearing on the news, a barbeque doesn’t seem like the right way to go (also, smoke will only make the heat even more unbearable). Thankfully desserts don’t require a flaming barbie or oven in order to be made. That’s something to look forward to.

Sweat stains and red faces

If you think it’s hard finding enough sweaters to cover your fluffy pants and long sleeved top, try finding something to wear without yearning to wear nothing at all. You can dress to protect yourself from the cold, but how will you protect yourself from the burning heat? Being prone to red faces, as you can imagine, christmas photos are always the absolute worst.

It’s so hot that the air conditioner isn’t even strong enough to help us!!

These past few days have been horrible. We’ve actually been forced to go out and buy another fan because our aircon doesn’t appear to be enough. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING IS WORSE THAN TRYING TO SLEEP IN THE 40 DEGREE WEATHER. It’s bad enough that all I’ve been doing is watching netflix with an icy pole in my hand, but to have to bear the heat whilst trying to actually get some shut eye? It’s probably the most terrible thing about this time of year. Don’t get me started about the cracked (and bleeding) lips…THANKS ALOT HEAT.

Come christmas day, everyone will be probably lying down on the sofa exhausted and too hot to move. If anyone needs me, I’ll be inside the freezer.

There are plenty others that I haven’t mentioned, but I don’t wanna bore ya’ll to death. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about the weather from where you are. Would you prefer heat to cold? Or cold to heat?

Merry Christmas everyone xx

5 reasons to start a blog

The blogging world is big and exciting, but in truth it’s kinda scary. A lot of people don’t commit to it because it means extra pressure atop of their own work. But blogging doesn’t have to be work. Most begin blogging as an outlet, a platform in which they can rant about their opinions and ideas. If you see blogging as a waste of time, that’s all it’ll ever be.

It’s all about perspective I guess.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider starting up a blog and how it’ll affect you positively.

1. Your writing will improve

Okay, so this is an obvious one, and probably one of the most important.

Whether you are in high school, college or even working at an office job, you’ll understand when I say that writing is a major part of your everyday life. Speaking as a highschooler, I know how hard it is to pick up the pencil or keyboard and write something just for the sake of it. We often feel like if it doesn’t affect our grades or pay rate, there’s no use in putting in the effort (am I right?). It’s moments like these when you just have to remind yourself that, YES, you are benefiting from this and, NO, not everything you do has to be marked by a higher authority.

If you look at your work and like what you see, it means you’ve done it right. 

As the writing becomes more frequent, picking up your pen begins to feel less like a chore, and more of a reward. It’s moments like these in which writers are born. You may find yourself writing at insane speeds that you once thought was ludicrous.

2. You might unlock a secret love for writing you never knew was in you

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who don’t know what they want to do in their life. Each time, I ask them the same question..

“What do you most enjoy doing?”

Usually the person will respond with, ‘I don’t know,’ or ‘I don’t enjoy doing anything’. I find it hard to believe that what they’re saying is true. After all… how is it that, despite all the possibilities, they weren’t able to find anything they fancy doing?

Then it hit me. Perhaps they hadn’t properly even looked.

Maybe the only english writing they’d done was for an essay in school or on a topic they didn’t necessarily agree on. The writing you do at school is purely done as a way of development and in no way will it be as freeing as writing on something you’re actually passionate about.

I also recommend writing more than you normally would. It’ll help get into the flow of things, and before you know it, you’ll be a master at it.

We just recently ran out of normal black tea and being a tea addict, I couldn’t accept it. So what’d I do? I grabbed the only tea I could find in the cupboard (green tea and lemon) and made me some. NOW, I just have to point out how much I first loathed the taste of this tea. I absolutely despised it. After a few days of drinking it however, I could safely say that I had become, completely, and utterly, IN LOVE with it.

Not everything will be great as soon it’s out of the oven. These things take some time to get the hang of, but when you have it mastered, it’ll be easy and maybe even enjoyable. 🙂

3. You can get things off of your chest

Being quite opinionated, I know how hard it is to keep things to yourself. There often times where we just want to ramble on and on about something, but no one’s around to listen, or the people that around, don’t have the same opinion as you. It’s important that you have somewhere to channel these inner emotions so that you don’t end up exploding.               A blog is the perfect place to do just this.

What ya’ll need to realize is that we’re a generation of stalkers. We enjoy reading about other people’s lives, and when someone has an opinion, we also enjoy rebutting that opinion with opinions of our own. While this can be dangerous (and spark some very serious fights) those whom speak responsibly, can learn new things and even make some great online friends.

Remember those things called ‘diaries’? Well guess what?! Now you can share your deepest darkest secrets with the world, without anyone even knowing who you are!!

There was a diary in harrypotter that wrote back to the person that wrote in it. Blogs are kind of like that, except, no magic is involved!! You just rant about your problems, and poof!! Somebody steps in and gives you their advice/opinion.

4. You’ll have a record of all your great memories (and possibly even dark ones)

Here’s a question, doesn’t it scare you knowing that one day you won’t remember anything?? 

When you write up blog posts, you’re recording your life. Whether that means writing about a particular time or putting into comic some of your funniest moments. They enable us to write about things, and know that they’ll be there for all time. Blogs are good in that sense. Unlike diaries and notebooks, they are forever lasting. (That can be both good and bad).

You’re chatting with a friend and you mention that time when you.. “uh well… so he was like…what did he do again… damn it, I can’t remember. ”

Does that sound familiar?

Well in this situation, all you have to do is pull out your phone and find the post in which you wrote the memory. It’s like when you find a funny meme on instagram and go to tell your friend about it, but it isn’t as funny because everything’s a hundred times funnier when you know what you’re talking about.

5. It’s fun 

Bet you saw this one coming didn’t ya? Let me tell you something, I wouldn’t be putting it onto the list if it weren’t true. Having a blog is actually really fun.

Whether it be just writing the damn thing out or taking hours to design your blog, no one can say you won’t enjoy it. As frustrating as it might be sometimes, blogging isn’t half bad.

I really do recommend it.


Thank you for reading. xx

What other things do YOU like about blogging? Let me know by commenting down below.